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Alright guys, we are back with some rules we need to enforce around here, just to make sure you're not being a jerk, or bothering your fellow netizens. Remember: Treat others how you want to be treated!

So, here's how this stuff works:

The Rules

So, as mentioned above, these rules are just so that we can make sure that this wiki is a welcome and safe place, and that nobody feels uncomfortable. Anyways, we'll be including rules for different types of things here, like behavior, editing, roleplaying, accounts, templates, coding, blocking, and making forms. Let's make it fun.

Our Rules on Behavior

So, first things first, behavior. We know a lot of wikis enforce this rule pretty well, but we want to go the extra mile to make sure that nobody feels left out or uncomfortable.

  • Don’t type in ALL CAPS! If you do, it will look like you’re screaming. Now, I don't mean things like "OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG MY CRUSH JUST TEXTED ME HE LIKES ME BACK!!!". That kind of stuff is fine, or maybe if you're writing gibberish in capital letters to express shock or surprise. What I mean is, when someone says, like, "WHY DID YOU DO THAT" or something. It seems kinda rude, or like you're screaming, especially if you add exclamation marks at the end.
  • Don’t write anything that sounds angry or sarcastic, even as a joke, because without hearing your tone of voice, someone might not realize you’re joking. This kind of ties in to the first rule, but please follow it as well.
  • Respect the opinions of others. If you feel the need to disagree, do so respectfully. Acknowledge that others are entitled to have their own perspective on an issue. This is mainly for things like debates or arguments. If you harass someone for not agreeing with you, that might need to be taken care of quickly. We don't want anyone to get too upset :)
  • Don’t badmouth others or call them stupid. You may disagree with their ideas, but don’t mock the person. Just like I said in the last rule, nobody wants to feel left out or disrespected. I sympathize with all who have to go through this, but another thing I'd like to add is that you shouldn't do it back. "They did it first!" is not a valid excuse for being rude.
  • Be forgiving. If someone makes a mistake, don’t badger him or her for it. Just Let It Go – it happens to the best of us.(see the Frozen reference?)
  • Please hold back on the ellipsis(this is an ellipsis: ...). Yes, this rule might seem kind of silly or unnecessary, but using too many ellipsis can make people feel judged or scrutinized. Of course, you are still allowed to use them, but make sure to assess what the other person might feel due to what you're saying.

Our Rules on Editing

  • No spam. Just please. Or farming for edits. Or chain messages. get the point.
  • Do not post an insanely long rant on a post or something unless it's absolutely necessary.
  • Please refrain from asking users about things like their name, age, location, and/or contact info if they are uncomfortable with doing so. If they're not, go ahead.
  • If you are going to make an informational article, please make sure to proofread it and make sure it has good grammar. No acronyms, abbreviations, lack of capitalization, etc.
  • If someone tells you to stop, STOP.
  • No swearing. Although, it can be censored.

Our Rules on Roleplaying

  • Please refrain from making Mary Sues (a.k.a Gary Stews, Mary Stews, Gary Sues). A Mary Sue is someone who is OP beyond the levels of OPness. Like, the most OP of all the OPs. Here are some ways to determine an OP character.
    • "She is smart and rlly rlly rlly pretty all the boys like her"
    • "My character is a Telepath, a Technopath, a Mesmer, an Inflctor, a Pyrokinetic, a Polyglot, a Teleporter, a Conjurer, a Beguiler, and she got this super new and rare ability also"
    • "She has rAiNbOw HaIr.".......Okay, so, not everyone uses the rainbow hair thing, and if your character has an anime faceclaim with colored hair, or dyed hair, that's completely fine.
  • Make sure your characters' faceclaims are appropriate, with moderate amounts of clothing, regular poses, etc.
  • Make sure to make forms for roleplays you've saved spots for.
  • Be diverse! :)
  • Please refrain from making your character "exist" or waiting for interaction. Why should another person have to make YOU start being active?
  • Please don't give character a tragic sob backstory. Make them realistic, or at least as realistic as they can be, depending on the genre of the roleplay.
  • Please do not take any form of control over another user’s OC.

Our Rules On Accounts

  • You can make alt accounts, as long as they're not for avoiding a ban, or trying to break rules without damaging your main account's reputation, or stuff like that.
  • To my knowledge, accountless users can still make edits and posts. I'll have to look into that. Don't ignore them!
  • Please notify us as soon as possible, in any way you can, if an account of yours has been blocked mistakenly.

Our Rules on Coding

  • You are allowed to code anything you like, so long as it doesn't mess things up, or anything.
  • Please don't steal people's code. It's immoral.
  • You need coding experience to be an admin or mentor
  • You're free to request fonts you want us to add to the wiki, but don't requests full lists. Maybe one at a time.

Our Rules on Blocking

  • You will be blocked if you break any of the rules mentioned on this page. You will not be blocked out of the blue; we will give you warnings and reminders, following the 'three strikes and you're out' thingy.If you are blocked, you will get these warnings beforehand:

Hello there! If you have this template on your profile it means that you broke a rule, mentioned on our Policies and Guidelines Page. This is just a friendly little reminder to let you know that continuing to do this will result in a ban. Have a nice day!

-The Roleplayers Club Wiki Admins

Hello there! If you have this template, it means that you've broken one of our rules, but it was more of a minor offense, and didn't warrant a warning or ban. Make sure to revisit our Policies and Guidelines, and to eat lots of CUPCAKES!

-The Roleplayers Club Wiki Admins

Hi! So, if you're receiving this, it means that you've already gotten a warning. This is your second reminder to follow our wiki's rules to the best of your abilities, and make sure not to break these rules from now on. Have a nice day!

-The Roleplayers Club Wiki Admins

Greetings. If you are receiving this message, it means that you have gotten two prior warnings, and have broken one of our Policies & Guidelines once again. Please refrain from doing so in the future; any further neglect of our rules will result in a ban. Thank You.

-The Roleplayers Club Wiki Admins

If you receive this message, it means that you have failed to adhere to our wiki's Policies and Guidelines. Please revisit them. Your ban will last for about a week or two, until it is lifted. We hope that in that period of time you will be able to prevent yourself from making those mistakes again.

-The Roleplayers Club Wiki Admins

If you receive this template, it means that you are permanently banned from the wiki, this is normally for accounts that break major rules repeatedly and fail to adhere to our Policies and Guidelines, with no visible regret and failure to see the error of your ways. If this is a mistake, please make sure to tell us ASAP so we can get if fixed.

-The Roleplayers Club Wiki Admins