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Mentoring is an idea we got from the Lost Cities Keeper Wiki. Basically, it is for any new user who wants one to request a user(whether it's a specific user or not) to help them out and lead them around, until they feel confident enough to go out and explore on their own. These mentors teach users things like coding, navigation, editing, and stuff like that, and give them the necessary links to the rules or administration. It is on a user's request that they receive a mentor or not. Requests go to any admin's message wall.

Applying for a Mentor

Applying for a Mentor is usually only for new contributors or users, but anyone can get a mentor if they want one. To apply for a mentor, you need to include how much FANDOM experience you have, along with the other necessary requirements stated below. Once you reply, we'll try to get back to you ASAP, probably about two weeks. So, if you want a mentor, you'll have to message an admin with this form:

  • Name:
  • Gender:
  • Age range(child, adult, teenager):
  • Is there anything specific you need help with?:
  • Is there anyone specific who you want to be your mentor?:
  • How much experience with FANDOM do you have?:
  • Is this your first wiki?:
  • Anything else you want to note:

Applying to be a Mentor (Open)

If you want to mentor somebody else, be sure to message an admin with the form below. Also, please note that not everyone will be chosen to become a mentor, but if we decide to decline you, rest assured we will inform you of why. So, this is the form for applying to be a mentor:

  • Name:
  • Gender:
  • Age range: (child, adult, teenager)
  • Time on the wiki:
  • Coding experience:
  • Is this your first wiki?:
  • Is there anything specific you would like to mentor people on?:
  • How much FANDOM experience do you have?:
  • How many users you're willing to take on:
  • Why would you be a good mentor?:

Once you are chosen to become a Mentor, you will then be told which wiki user you'll be mentoring, and, again, you can tell us if there is a specific person you would like to mentor. Feel free to show people around, with or without a mentoring request!


  • Livvy: I will take anyone who needs it! I am a female high school student and I am fairly good at coding and if I dont know something you ask I will find out for you! :) I am a active admin on multiple wikis.
  • Sophie: I will take any amount of people! I'm amazing at coding. If you know me on the KotLC wiki, I have coded several club and friend badges. I am patient, and I am on almost every. single. day. I work hard, and I am kind. I am experienced with wikis and how they work as well.