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So, some people are beginning to start roleplays. I have said this before, but you need permission, just like how you need permission for clubs on the KOTLC wiki. However, we won't ask you to give links to your approval or something like that. FANDOM has said they'll update Discussions to look more like Legacy Forums, so in the meantime, put all your roleplays on the Feed for now.

Also! You need to get your roleplays approved by an admin or bureaucrat. Not a chat mod, not a thread mod.

In order to make a roleplay, you first get permission, then you make a page for it. Like, a wiki page. Please categorize it with the appropriate category. You write about it and all that, and you write a list of characters, only admins or the owners of these roleplays can edit these pages. Then, you make pages for any characters you make. Make sure to use the infoboxes. This is so that any user can look at your roleplay's page and be like "Hmm...maybe I should join this." Your page should have a link to the Discussion "thread" that you're roleplaying on, and it should also have the form for your roleplay on it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

P.S. Check out the Creation Corner if you have roleplay ideas, but don't want to use them yet.

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