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Hi guys! Once again, we have another page on our newly created wiki. It's about Admins. Admin is short for Administrator, which, on this wiki, also includes Bureaucrats, threadmods, other mods, and everything else in between. Only us admins can edit User Rights, which are basically if a user is blocked, or is an admin, and stuff like that, and all admin applications go to Gloria and Sophie. Sadly, admin applications are closed right now :(.

Applying to be a Admin (Currently Closed)

In order to gain Administrator/Bureaucrat privileges, you'll need to meet all 5 of these requirements:

  • You need to have at least 750 contributions, meaning either edits to the wiki, posts, etc.
    • Bigger edits will be noticed
    • If you want to become an admin, you also have to have a fairly equal amount of edits on posts, comments, and edits to the wiki pages
  • You need to have not been blocked on this wiki. You might have a chance at becoming an admin if you've only been given a warning, since that's not as major, but your chances are slightly lowered anyhow.
  • You need to submit the form below to any of the admins listed above
  • You need a decent ability to program stuff
  • If you want a specific position(e.g. Bureaucrat, moderator, etc.), you need to specify.

Admin Form

  • Name:
  • Gender:
  • Age range(child, adult, teen):
  • Position you want (optional, and, no, founder is not an option):
  • Coding experience (how long have you been coding and how much do you know?):
  • Are you an admin on any other wiki?:
  • Any thing else you want to tell us:

If any admins are inactive for 5 or more months with no reason or explanation, they will be removed from the admin list.

List of Administrators

Staff Name Image About Nicknames Jobs Staff Position
I am a 17 year old French-American who is happy to help with anything you need help with! I am also a mentor on this wiki and I will help with coding almost anything you need I can do it. Liv, Livvy, Ari, Aurelie, Kiwi, or anything that you happen to want to call me. I will code friend badges, walls, profiles or just about anything you need. Admin
Hermabeth Foster N/A I'm happy to help with making announcements, helping code, and making this wiki an overall neater place. Gloria, Hermabeth, whatever random nickname you can think of I help code and moderate applications, as well as make announcements Admin/Sysop/Owner
Lemons814 N/A I'm happy to help with anything that you would like me to help you with, from asking questions to making a new online friend! Lemons, Lulu, or anything else that you'd like to. I create different character pages, character forms, and just like to help out. Admin/Sysop
I'm happy to help with anything from coding requests to making a new friend! I'll be happy to help out. I am also a mentor, so I can focus on your problems if you want to register for one. Sophie, or anything that you'd like. I create forms, character pages, edit, and code. Bureaucrat/Sysop
PopArtist4 N/A N/A PopArtist4 N/A Admin, Bureaucrat
Robin N/A N/A Brownandblue, Blue, Robin N/A Admin, Bureaucrat

Administrators' Time Zones

Administrator Time Zone Country
LovelyLadyF PDT US
Hermabeth Foster EST US
SophieFoster11 EST US
Lemons814 PDT US
PopArtist4 N/A N/A
Brownandblue N/A N/A
Administrator Status
LovelyLadyF Inactive
Hermabeth Foster Active
SophieFoster11 Active
Lemons814 Active
PopArtist4 Active
Brownandblue Active

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